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About Art Ache

Art Ache 2015

About Art Ache

“At the core of every happy healthy society is a strong connection with its cultural ambassadors.”

Art Ache’ is an artists’ art event which showcases 5-6 artists at a time from a range of creative backgrounds. All artists involved are present at the event, with a selection of studio treasures available to purchase at entry level prices.

The aim of the event is to create a lasting connection between the artist and the art lover who is curious about art, but not sure where to start.

So far Art Ache has presented over 80 New Zealand artists, ranging from the top internationally recognized to NZ’s youngest and newest.

Art Ache believes art is the most potent form of communication and artists are the litmus paper of society. It aims is to make art and culture part of the everyday conversation.

“Art Ache aims to assist intellectual and creative development, for the betterment of the local community and national identity”.

Art Ache is a nationwide New Zealand Art event which occurs twice yearly in Auckland and is beginning to roll out nationally, having completed it’s second Dunedin event in June 2018. It has been running for almost 5 years now and is up to its 18th event.

“We firmly believe that artists are the litmus paper of society… it is vital that focus is directed towards our creative storytellers, in order for us to understand who we are, how we think, and what we look like”.

Each show has its own personality, derived from the artists we present and the kind of work they have available at the time. This overarching story unravels via social media and editorial press as we explore the artists studios, interview them and present them individually and collectively.

“We want to make art and culture part of the everyday conversation”.

Each art ache event aims to leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. We present a strategic mix of artists at varying stages of their careers from a range of backgrounds for the widest cross-pollination of creative energy. Every artist gets a toolkit of skills from the experience tailored to their needs. We share knowledge, ideas and contacts to maximise every collaboration.

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