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Art Ache Manifesto

Art Ache Manifesto

The Art Ache Manifesto

Our 10 commandments


  1. Art Ache believes Art is the most potent form of human communication

  2. Art Ache accepts art means different things to different people

  3. Art Ache believes at the core of every healthy society is a strong connection with its cultural ambassadors

  4. Art Ache knows artists to be the litmus paper of society

  5. Art Ache aims to make art and culture part of everyday conversation

  6. Art Aches focuses on the creative core of a person’s expression

  7. Art Ache provides artists, art lovers and future patrons the opportunity to meet

  8. Art Ache aims to educate New Zealanders about art in a way that creates an ongoing interest

  9. Art Ache is committed to providing a platform of support for artists by sharing its knowledge and ideas

  10. Art Ache showcases artists with integrity and passion.