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Art Ache Xmas 2018

Greta Anderson Art Ache

Gone but not forgotten

While people rush to get organized for Christmas and the new year Art Ache and artist Greta Anderson have covered the inner-city with blankets, creating space for pause and reflection.

Art Ache Xmas 2018

“This campaign acknowledges “The Blanket” as a cultural icon. For many this is a season of family time – the blankets are symbolic of children’s play, comfort and security, however, this series also acknowledges those left behind in the city where the billboards are located, the homeless and those without family.”Aimee Ralfini, Art Ache.

Artist Greta Anderson is a photographer who works with contemporary cultural icons. Items we collectively connect with, which inform our visual identity as a modern Aotearoa. The artist documents items such as blankets, marbles, horses and flowering weeds in an artefactual style reminiscent of National Geographic, awarding the often-overlooked items cultural gravitas.

“For me blankets connect all facets of our heritage, my Māori whakapapa to my Scottish ancestory. They are something we all relate to as New Zealanders connecting our many historical threads, some joyful, some painful – like most families. In this series they are held up proud as mid-century abstract paintings and celebrated as cherished items woven together from our collective heritage.”Greta Anderson, Artist.


The blankets history as a trade item used between early settlers and māori creates an additional layer of bittersweet irony when presented via a medium associated with advertising ‘trade’. Especially as the LUMO billboards are located in prime advertising real-estate. Notably, the Ports of Auckland billboard, where the blankets reside on the boundary fence, creating a space for conversation around the land owned by Ngāti Whātua Oraki and the reclaimed Ports.

Art Ache is an artist-centric movement in art communication. It aims to make art and culture part of the everyday conversation in New Zealand.
Art Ache believes at the core of every happy healthy society is a strong connection with its cultural ambassadors. Manifesto

For all those Aucklanders who enjoy the emptiness of the city this time of year. This is for you. Merry Christmas xxx

More Information on artist Greta Anderson: Instagram | Artists website | Dealer Gallery

For further enquiries about the artworks or the artist in relation to this project, please contact Aimee Ralfini.

For press, sponsorship and collaboration enquiries please contact Ricky Martin.

Locations of work: On display 24th December 2018 – 6th January 2019.
Located on LUMO digital billboards at  Victoria Park  |  Beach Road  |  Khyber Pass  |  Ports of Akld  |  Grey Lynn (Out)  |  Sturdee Street  |  Newton Road  |  Mt Eden (In)  |  Mt Eden (Out).

Special thanks to Kent and Jamie at LUMO digital.