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Art Aches Heritage

The Artists Dinner 2013

Art Aches Heritage

Art Ache was purpose born to reinvigorate New Zealand’s Art awareness, by expanding the art scene into the wider cultural gamet of Aotearoa. This has been achieved in essence by rebranding what we consider art to be.

Art Aches heritage is unique in that it focuses directly on the creative core of a person’s expression, presenting it alongside contrasting creative typecasts. This strategic range of creative maximises the events’ reach to the wider cultural sector.

By showcasing the artists in a venue which is quintessentially local, we not only challenge the traditional fine art gallery and exhibition stereotype, we also reinforce the new art brand. Which is connective, personable, inclusive, contemporary, regionalistic and truly representative of who we are as New Zealanders.

The first event of its kind was called The Artists Dinner and held in July 2013 at Portland Public House in Kingsland, with the aim of providing a relaxed and social environment, for prospective buyers to browse and purchase art, whilst interacting with the eight featured artists exhibiting and selling a selection of previously unseen studio works.

First ever Artists Dinner event.

The second was in November 2013, this time at The Golden Dawn in Ponsonby, a venue well known for its music, fashion and cultural events. It featured a selection of five established and up-and-coming female artists, the night was a sell-out success, with all money going directly to the artists.

Press Roll for The First Golden Dawn Event.

As momentum for the event grew with showcases every second month in 2015, so did the enthusiasm to make Art Ache an ongoing feature of New Zealand’s cultural calendar.

Art Ache has provided a continued platform of support for a growing number of local artists throughout the last eight years, helping them build both their artistic and commercial identities amongst a wider audience.

Art Ache now resides mainly on a digital platform, podcasting, and creating integrated creative activations via social media and digital billboards, its latest iteration see’s the brand hosting an art auction to bring awareness to the importance of having an Auckland central candidate that is well versed in the art world. Set to launch on October 2nd. Watch this space…