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Podcast: Cam Edward

Cam Edward Art ache

Cam Edward

Painter Cam Edward answers the hard questions around the intentional/unintentional flaws in his paintings and bonds with Aimée over Sims City.

Live-to-air on 95bFM – 09.08.18.

The first look at Cam Edward’s impressive abstract paintings might suggest his forms are digitally produced. But on closer inspection, it is revealed that these works are the result of masterful masking and colour gradient painting techniques.
This blurring between the handmade and the technologically aided is at the centre of the artist’s practise, as Edward explores the space between contemporary painting and the digital world. – Black Door gallery

“The gradients and crisp masking is just as much an act of artistic vanity as it is about portraying an un-planned, non-designed moment of human-machine interaction. I choose to portray this with paint, a tactile and demanding medium that existed well before the digital age”. – Cam Edward.