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Podcast: Gary Silipa

Gary Silipa Who Arted

Gary Silipa

Gary Silipa chats with Aimee about his current practice and his plans for Changing Lanes in Durham Street East for Auckland Artweek from Oct 6th-12th.

Podcasted from live-to-air on 95bFM. 20.09.18

Silipas’ expression has grown from his youthful interest in outdoor graffiti to studio-based work which is influenced by his creative heritage and shaped by the artists’ involvement in religion and science fiction.

Always attuned to the importance of making art that exists outdoors, Gary will be creating a street-long installation called Charm Bracelet for Auckland Artweek. As part of Changing Lanes, his work will reference Auckland’s unique heritage and signal the changing nature of the city’s urban spaces and potential future use of the sites.


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