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Podcast: Juliette Hogan

Art Ache Juliette Hogan

The art of Juliette

Unraveling the core creative behind fashion designer Juliette Hogan’s work, the artists she works with and the heritage that has made her the woman she is today.

Recorded live for Art Ache – 22.10.19

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Juliette Hogan’s is a name synonymous with stream-lined contemporary women’s wear. The brand has been established for over 12 years now. With her first store opening in Ponsonby, Auckland in 2007. But did you know, Juliette initially trained in textile design, a love of which plays a key role in the creative development of her lines every season.

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We often separate creative outputs, sculpture from photography, sound from painting, and in the wider creative industries, we compartmentalize artists into industry; Musicians, Fashion, Artisan.

It’s part of our human condition to box and categorize, in an attempt to make order from chaos.

Interestingly social media plays an enormous part in blurring these boundaries when a painting is fed to us on the same pixelated surface space as a photograph of an installation, our engagement with the artwork aligns.

A crossover too often ignored is between textile, print and fashion design. Textile is a discipline in itself, and when presented via functioning items of clothing, it becomes an incredible mechanism for storytelling.

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Details of discussion:

The imagery presented here is documented composites of Juliette Hogans High Summer line 2019-2020. Available in stores now.

The bespoke textile and Print design discussed was created for Amisfield winery in Queenstown – a delightful place to spend an afternoon. The launch for this new uniform design is scheduled for late November 2019.

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