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The Joy Campaign

Art Ache Vanessa Green

The Joy Campaign

It’s time for that fresh start we’ve been waiting for.

Nationwide digital billboard colab with LUMO. April 2020.

Up and down the country in Tauranga, Hamilton, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, artworks by 7 amazing artists have been created to bring joy to our front-line workers and apartment dwellers.
The brief was simple. Create an artwork that has a sole purpose of evoking joy and happiness from the viewer. Every single one of these billboards which are currently playing on every LUMO digital nationwide.

“I wanted to pre-empt the next period of pandemic-adaptation with joy. These artists are effortlessly positive visual songbirds.

These are for our front-line workers and apartment dwellers who can’t go for that walk in the bush, can’t have animals, can’t escape the dominating lines of urban architecture. These are for you; we are thinking of you and want you to feel good.”
Aimée Ralfini, Art Ache

Artworks have been produced by a range of well-known New Zealand artists; Evie KempGreta AndersonTanja McMillanAngus McNaughtonVanessa GreenRalfi Lafini and Cherry Lazar.

“I always like my images seeing the light of day. They are made to be viewed and I would like mine to be there for the essential workers to see. They are legends.” Greta Anderson, Artist

“I really wanted to bring some pure colour, simple joy and total cuteness to our urban environments, it’s as simple as that.

The world is scary and unknown right now so I thought it was a good opportunity to just go all out with happiness.

Everyone is sacrificing so much to help stamp out Covid-19 in Aotearoa, this is my little (no contact) thank you card!” Evie Kemp, Artist

The Joy Campaign will be on display nationwide throughout April 2020, artworks are located in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

About Art Ache
Art Ache is an artist-centric movement in art communication. It aims to make art and culture part of the everyday conversation in New Zealand. Art Ache believes at the core of every happy healthy society is a strong connection with its cultural ambassadors. Art Ache Manifesto

LUMO Digital Outdoor 
Art Ache and Digital billboard company LUMO have been collaborating for almost two years now. Both share the same core values around the importance of intelligent visual communication. LUMO billboards present the very best in luminance quality and uniformity, true-to-life colour calibration, brilliant contrast and reliability in digital screens in New Zealand, as well as offering the most up-to-date OOH interactive technology, which allows Art Ache’s artists to dream big when creating art for the digital medium.

For further information please contact Aimee via email.