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Podcast: Thomas Pound

Thomas Pound 2018

Thomas Pound

Visual Poet Thomas Pound chats with Aimée Ralfini about his latest series The Instance, currently on display in Government House, Auckland.

Live-to-air on 95bFM. 02.08.18

It was a warm winters afternoon when I met up with artist Thomas Pound to check out his latest show The Instance, currently on at Government House. Government House is strange and wonderful place, full of displays of bowls, archival information, uniformed chairs and allocated rooms which all sit empty among the heady smell of institutional carpet and wood polish – something one would be familiar with if they went to boarding school.

Thomas Pound has a unique, curious eye refined by years of film-making, theatre design, museum exhibits and found-object sculpture. For his latest visual harvest, once again, he collects from the streets. A hundred Instagram squares richly informed… This is vital visual poetry for all creative readers.” – Roger Horrocks, Emeritus Professor at the University of Auckland.


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